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Friday at Veidec Nitro Festival

17:45 Top Fuel Dragster qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Susanne Callin 5.186/389.44, Tommy Möller 23.309/43.50, Kim Reymond 4.952/483.14, Anita Mäkela 6.751/189.68, Micke Kågered 5.287/374.37 bye, Andy Carter 5.584/309.10 bye, Smax Smith 4.954/466.38 bye

Susanne Callin was off the throttle a little early, whilst Tommy Möller's rear tyres jumped off the track and the blower appeared to lift. Kim Reymond ran the first four-second pass at Mantorp Park and the terminal equates to 300.27 mph so that's the first 300 mph pass here too. Well done guys! In the other lane Anita Mäkelä's planned half-pass looked just fine. Anita's car jumped forward just as she started to approach the bleach box and bowled Tommi Haapanen over, but there was no obvious problem with the car or injury to Tommi, he got up with all the dignity he could muster and waved Anita forward. Micke Kågered summoned Knut Söderquist and Alan Jackson forward as he was in pre-stage, Alan made an adjustment in the cockpit and Micke pulled into stage and ran, with at least one cylinder out for the second half of the track. A solid run from Andy Carter, off the throttle early and looking very clean. A clean run from Smax, too, a little tyre shake between 150-200 feet but another four-second pass at Mantorp.

Standings in Top Fuel Dragster after session 1:

1. Kim Reymond 4.952/483.14
2. Smax Smith 4.954/466.38
3. Susanne Callin 5.186/389.44
4. Micke Kågered 5.287/374.37
5. Andy Carter 5.584/309.10
6. Anita Mäkela 6.751/189.68
7. Tommy Möller 23.309/43.50

We're finished for today, stay tuned to Svensk Dragracing for full qualifying standings in all classes and of course today's pictures.

17:25 Top Methanol Dragster qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Krister Johansson 5.964/356.72, Rob Turner 5.641/402.92, Jari Halinen 5.828/392.52, Peter Schöfer 5.604/400.24, Dave Wilson 5.571/413.64 bye

Krister Johansson's injected-nitro dragster sounded very strong indeed and strong it was with the quickest pass in Europe by an injected-nitro car. We have an all five-second field in TMD.

Standings in Top Methanol Dragster after session 1:

1. Dave Wilson 5.571/413.64
2. Peter Schöfer 5.604/400.24
3. Rob Turner 5.641/402.92
4. Jari Halinen 5.828/392.52
5. Krister Johansson 5.964/356.72

17:15 Top Methanol Funny Car qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Jurgen Nagel 8.955/219.32 bye, Jörgen Johnsson 7.373/325.40, Martin Lundqvist 9.575/109.13, Fredde Fagerström 6.372/336.87, Dan Larsen 6.102/381.58, Niclas Andersson 6.229/326.06, Ulf Leanders 5.990/306.13, Leif Andréasson 5.973/387.99, Urs Erbacher 5.877/396.77

Martin Lundqvist dropped his chute at half track, whilst Fredde had us all worried when he dropped his chutes at the top end and disappeared in what we thought was a cloud of smoke, but it was the dust from Stefan Junerud's clean-up. Niclas Andersson was very close indeed to the guardrail towards the top end, whilst Leif Andréasson got out of shape in the last quarter of the track.

Standings in Top Methanol Funny Car after session 1:

1. Urs Erbacher 5.877/396.77
2. Leif Andréasson 5.973/387.99
3. Ulf Leanders 5.990/306.13
4. Dan Larsen 6.102/381.58
5. Niclas Andersson 6.229/326.06
6. Fredde Fagerström 6.372/336.87
7. Jörgen Johnsson 7.373/325.40
8. Jurgen Nagel 8.955/219.32
9. Martin Lundqvist 9.575/109.13

17:00 Supertwin qualifying session 1

Track conditions for this session were 25.3 C, 57% humidity and 1003 Mb pressure.

Each pair left lane first: Ton Pels 6.912/328.19, Greger Johansson 7.864/286.17, Erik Nielsen broke, Svein Gottenberg 7.804/207.41, Svein-Olav Rolfstad 7.210/290.79, Ron van Geffen 7.074/253.72, Carsten Andersson 7.653/275.02, Hans-Olav Olstad 9.470/205.12, Stefan Junerud 7.368/228.42, Mattias Westin 11.029/118.86, Ronny Aasen 7.368/296.51, Vidar Ravnsborg broke on burnout, Per Bengtsson 7.962/201.95, Willem Been 12.071/131.13

The track crew were picking up pieces of metal from Stefan Junerud's lane after his pass, and there was oil from three-quarter track to the end of the shutdown area. No word on what occurred, the track crew did a very swift job of cleaning the track.

Standings in Supertwin after session 1:

1. Ton Pels 6.912/328.19
2. Ron van Geffen 7.074/253.72
3. Svein-Olav Rolfstad 7.210/290.79
4. Ronny Aasen 7.368/296.51
5. Stefan Junerud 7.368/228.42
6. Carsten Andersson 7.653/275.02
7. Svein Gottenberg 7.804/207.41
8. Greger Johansson 7.864/286.17
9. Per Bengtsson 7.962/201.95
10. Hans-Olav Olstad 9.470/205.12
11. Mattias Westin 11.029/118.86
12. Willem Been 12.071/131.13

16:00 NDRS Bilsport Pro Modified qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Bert-Ole Oloffson 8.310/192.53 bye (observed), Kim Kristiansen 7.883/280.19 bye, Lars-Inge Johansson 10.155/134.53, Terje Hakonsen 7.470/305.95, Micke Lindahl 7.067/320.66, Fredde Fagerström 7.172/303.52, Urban Johansson 8.805/172.72, Tomi Pontinen broke, Håkan Fallström 7.101/322.08, Norbert Kuno 7.836/268.33, Christer Jacobs 9.366/124.71, Seppo Saapola 6.998/317.62, Matts Eriksson 6.730/335.06, Peter Kunc 7.037/321.87, Thomas Nataas 6.644/340.99, Henri Joosten 6.847/321.98, Håkan Nilsson 6.635/333.52, Roger Johansson 6.616/346.56

A little drama in this session, Lars-Inge Johansson's chute shook out on his pass, whilst Tomi Pontinen stopped on the track after his burnout - we guess no reverse. The start line crew sprinted to get Tomi out of the car and over the guardrail so that Ubbe Johansson could run.

Standings in NDRS Bilsport Pro Modified after session 1:

1. Roger Johansson 6.616/346.56
2. Håkan Nilsson 6.635/333.52
3. Thomas Nataas 6.644/340.99
4. Matts Eriksson 6.730/335.06
5. Henri Joosten 6.847/321.98
6. Seppo Saapola 6.998/317.62
7. Peter Kunc 7.037/321.87
8. Micke Lindahl 7.067/320.66
9. Håkan Fallström 7.101/322.08
10. Fredde Fagerström 7.172/303.52
11. Terje Hakonsen 7.470/305.95
12. Norbert Kuno 7.836/268.33
13. Kim Kristiansen 7.883/280.19
14. Bert-Ole Oloffson 8.310/192.53
15. Urban Johansson 8.805/172.72
16. Christer Jacobs 9.366/124.71
17. Lars-Inge Johansson 10.155/134.53

15:30 Top Fuel Bike qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Frode Englund 8.950/250.56, Anders Forsberg 8.864/251.78, Martin de Haas 8.656/244.50, Magnus Larsson 12.856/94.50, Antonio Ferretti 7.951/206.31, Nils Ole Lund 22.474/42.79, Robert Karlsson 8.089/266.40, Mikael Andersson 12.370/204.44, Sverre Dahl 8.858/313.62, Tommy Jonsson 8.358/236.76, Peter Westin 8.235/250.86, Roel Koedam 6.296/327.70, Joey Bon 7.815/228.08, Jon Leret shut off after burnout, Peter Ström 6.789/285.76, Peter Andersson 15.988/101.74, Ian King 14.913/81.55 bye

Standings in Top Fuel Bike after session 1:

1. Roel Koedam 6.296/327.70
2. Peter Ström 6.789/285.76
3. Joey Bon 7.815/228.08
4. Antonio Ferretti 7.951/206.31
5. Robert Karlsson 8.089/266.40
6. Peter Westin 8.235/250.86
7. Tommy Jonsson 8.358/236.76
8. Martin de Haas 8.656/244.50
9. Sverre Dahl 8.858/313.62
10. Anders Forsberg 8.864/251.78
11. Frode Engelund 8.950/250.56
12. Mikael Andersson 12.370/204.44
13. Magnus Larsson 12.856/94.50
14. Ian King 14.913/81.55
15. Peter Andersson 15.988/101.74
16. Nils Ole Lund 22.474/42.79

15:00 Pro Stock Bike qualifying session 1

This session took place with the trackside temperature at 24.0 C and rising, the humidity went from 76% at the start of the session to 67% at the end, air pressure 1003 Mb.

Each pair left lane first: Örjan Gustavsson 9.111/259.53, Anders Abrahamsson broke on line, Anders Larsson 21.114/46.92, Helle Haagen Hansen 8.040/260.00, Kenneth Strömberg 7.806/268.54, Richard Gipp 7.727/262.49, Øivind von Essen 7.822/276.27, Vesa Rautio 8.065/206.27, Chris Hope 8.003/261.16, Roger Pettersson 7.570/205.61

Chris Hope and Roger Pettersson were stopped on the line for spots of rain. Pro Stock ran and then Chris and Roger put in their passes.

Standings in Pro Stock Bike after session 1:

1. Roger Pettersson 7.570/205.61
2. Richard Gipp 7.727/262.49
3. Kenneth Strömberg 7.806/268.54
4. Øivind von Essen 7.822/276.27
5. Chris Hope 8.003/261.16
6. Helle Haagen Hansen 8.040/260.00
7. Vesa Rautio 8.065/206.27
8. Örjan Gustavsson 9.111/259.53
9. Anders Larsson 21.114/46.92

Pro Stock qualifying session 1

Each pair left lane first: Jöran Persåker 7.798/245.47 bye, Ulf Jonsson 9.460/165.60 bye, Tommy Leindahl 7.232/304.82, Eero Knihtila 7.104/308.28, Kenneth Söderström 7.267/304.72, Jimmy Ålund 7.309/296.46, Magnus Hansson 7.170/308.60 bye, Rune Berg 7.550/291.21, Jan Murén 7.029/315.36, Michael Malmgren 7.149/283.60 bye

Jöran and Ulf both on observed runs. Jari Konola was on the start line with Jöran Persåker, and the next run after that was Jari's old car with Ulf Jonsson in the seat.

Standings in Pro Stock after session 1:

1. Jan Murén 7.029/315.36
2. Eero Knihtila 7.104/308.28
3. Michael Malmgren 7.149/283.60
4. Magnus Hansson 7.170/308.60
5. Tommy Leindahl 7.232/304.82
6. Kenneth Söderström 7.267/304.72
7. Jimmy Ålund 7.309/296.46
8. Rune Berg 7.550/291.21
9. Jöran Persåker 7.798/245.47
10. Ulf Jonsson 9.460/165.60


We're pleased to say that the track has dried very quickly after a pretty major downpour about an hour and a half ago. The plan is to start very shortly and to go straight into FIA, FIM and Bilsport Pro Mod: an entire cycle including Top Fuel Dragster. As regards further qualifying today we will see where we stand after the Pro cycle.

Stay with us and we'll post results as soon as we can after each class.


This is just like being in England: the track was just about there and it has now started to rain quite heavily again. All that great work done by the track crew has gone for naught but hopefully this won't last too long. Stay tuned to this channel and we will update you as soon as there is a change.


Good morning and welcome from a cloudy Mantorp Park. Conditions have changed some from yesterday, right now on the start line it's 20.2 C, 70% humidity and 1004 air pressure. The track is looking pristine, the crews are getting lined up and we're almost ready to go.

Today's running order has the three Super classes, Junior Dragster and Street Bike commencing at 08:45; the first FIA (not Top Fuel), FIM and Bilsport Pro Mod session at 10:20; Comp Eliminator, Stock/Superstock and Super Gas Bike at 11:50; and finally the second FIA, FIM and Bilsport Pro Mod session at 13:00. Stay tuned and we'll bring you all the news as soon as the on-track action commences.