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Live News from
Pre-Main Event test session
Saturday May 22nd, Santa Pod Raceway, England

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Micke Kågered suffered problems on his second outing, shutting off the TMFC after the burnout. His body language as he exited the car spoke volumes.

Michael Malmgren put in another half pass, running 7.77/128.96.

Finally Al Cook ran another 6.99 at 196.90 in the afternoon sunshine.

We're finished here for today; a number of racers are expected at the Run What You Brung tomorrow so if you're in the area then why not pay a visit?

We are indebted to Kjell Petterson of SPR for inviting us to attend this test day, and to Steve Horn of TSI Timers for access to timing data and a phone line. 'Til the next time...


Congratulations to Al Cook who has just run his first ever six: 6.99/190.66. There is obviously plenty more to come, too. Rob Loaring explained that the team was working on the two-stage nitrous system and on this run they had changed a setting to ascertain which stage was causing the engine to start popping.

Micke Kågered put in a burnout and a sixty-foot squirt, the new Camaro body looking marvellous in the sunshine.

Tim Adam has got the hang of the Super Gas setting for his new throttle stop, running 9.90/146.36. It's an interesting sight watching the roadster wheelie from the line only for the throttle stop to kick in and pull the front end straight back down again.

Just as I came to the end of this update Michael Malmgren appeared in the collection area. A storming burnout is followed by a very strong launch and half-pass. 1.093 to the 60 foot then 4.62/145.42 at the eighth, backing out to a 7.97/122.64 quarter.

Stay tuned, there's more to come yet.


Michael Malmgren put in his first run of the day. A few staging tests, then a burnout and a 60-foot: he recorded 1.08 to the 60 foot mark even with tyre shake. Jacob Ferrer similarly put in a 60-foot squirt recording 1.09.

Al Cook put in a half-pass, 1.10 at 60 feet, backing out just past the eighth (4.487/152)and recording 7.77/126.76 fr the quarter.

Tim Adam now has the chips set for Super Gas, recording 9.82 and 9.86.

Jari Konola has just put in a 1000-foot pass, 1.103 at 60 foot, 7.36/166.96 with the parachutes out way before the traps.

Micke Kågered's FC is on its way down to the start line, we'll be back with news of his pass.

14:00 Lunch break

Just before the lunch break, Jari Konola put in another test launch, a solid 60 foot (apologies, I didn't get the time).

The new return road is being laid: as from next weekend's race, tow cars will not go down the strip after a race but along the road which runs alongside the left lane.

Micke Kågered's FC is now sporting a new Camaro body, which looks beautiful. It's more or less the same paintjob as last year but it looks even better on the swoopy Camaro.

Jacob Ferrer's Pro Stock is being pushed out of its pit: the test session is scheduled to restart at 14:30. We'll be back later.


A lot of noise from the pits with engines being warmed up as I type, one or two almost ready for a run I think.

Jari Konola has been out for a test launch. The car launched well and then shook just as Jari shut it off at 60 feet. "We're happy" said Crew Chief Suzi.

Al Cook has also been out for a couple of passes. Crew Chief Rob Loaring explained that the car had been suffering from a misfire at Avon Park. "We've had the car in at Hauser Race Cars having a new ignition system fitted", he said. "We're going to run it in first and second gear until we're happy and then start to work up". They had plenty to smile about with a nice solid launch, Al running 1.09 at 60 feet.

A few minutes ago, Al put in another pass and went straight into tyre shake.

Tim Adam has put in a few more passes, testing out his new throttle stop. An 8.88/148.71, 9.03/148.12, 9.15/147.55, 8.95/148.33 and 8.98/148.35 show the experimenting which is going on; all of Tim's Reaction Times have been in the mid .4s which bodes well for his appearance in Super Comp and Super Gas next weekend.

Barry Sheavills' new car is hidden from view: "No sneak previews!" he said.

Jari Konola's car has just emerged from its pit: this and other testing news soon.


Good morning and welcome to Santa Pod on a bright but very breezy day. We had a hellish journey to get here this morning but we're here now and luckily the action had not commenced before our arrival. Unfortunately there won't be any pictures at present but hopefully later.

Onto the attendance, and in the pits are Micke Kågered, Jari Konola, Jacob Ferrer, Michael Malmgren, Al Cook and Tim Adam. Barry Sheavills' rig is here also but he won't be running until his new car's official press launch on Wednesday.

Tim Adam just made the first pass of the day, an 8.83/149.69. Much hilarity as Tim's crew, lining him up into stage, stepped back but her shoes stayed where they were, glued to the track by a liberal coating of VHT. Tim had to wait whilst one of the start line crew unstuck the footwear.

We understand from Spencer Tramm that Tim is testing a new throttle stop today. As I type he is pulling forward for another 8.85/148.58, a very nice-looking pass.

We'll be back later with news from the next set of test runs.

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