Motovation restored historic dragster for sale by Harry Joseph

For sale by sealed bid: Allan Herridge & the Beadle Brothers 'Glacier Bearing Special' formerly known as ‘Motovation’. Built by Speed and Custom Parts.

The ‘Motovation’ Junior Fuel car is the only surviving drag car of only three built by Speed and Custom Parts in the 1960s. It is also rare in being perhaps one of only a few completely British built drag car to have survived fully intact from that era. Its status ranks with the similarly historic 1961 Chrysler dragster of Sydney Allard the father of British and European drag racing.

‘Motovation', an iconic U.K. dragster, is offered for sale as an investment opportunity for a committed and serious collector of historic drag cars. It holds a prized position in the foundation years of British drag racing as do its three creators Allan Herridge and the Beadle brothers. It was a standout performer in the early years of Santa Pod Raceway as the British Drag Racing Champion of 1968 and its successes on the track in the U.K. and Scandinavia are extensively documented online and in print. After 53 years away from the drag strips this sale represents a once in over a half century opportunity to own an absolutely unique piece of British drag racing history.

‘Motovation’ has been painstakingly returned to its end of 1970 season condition by meticulous reference to archive photos and video footage. It has been preserved for posterity rather than being returned to its ‘as-new’ condition which would have eradicated its battle scars, unique decals and metal flake paint scheme. Preservation began in 2019 but due to the pandemic only completed in late 2022. ‘Motovation' is being sold with several spares such as original new double clutch plate, injection jets, clutch alignment tool etc.

A short video of the preserved car can be viewed at:

Expressions of Interest accompanied by an Opening Bid, by email only, are invited over £38,000. Offers should be forwarded to Closing date for Opening Bids 31st March 2023 Please include all relevant background details of yourself with your offer. Only serious bidders will be considered.

Viewings in person by the highest four Open Bidders will take place shortly after the closing date to allow for Final Bids. The sale will be awarded to the highest Final Bid one week later.

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