Earl's Raceway Hot Rod and Gasser Nats at 2021 Goodwood Revival
Pictures by Dave Dick

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This year’s Goodwood Revival had a special treat for all fans of drag racing and early hot rodding, a celebration to mark seventy years since the forming of the NHRA in the USA.

This couldn’t have been done without the foresight and help of then Hot Rod Magazine editor Wally Parks who instigated the forming of the National Hot Rod Association and went on to run the association for many years, devoting his life to drag racing and hot rodding.

There were so many great cars in the celebration and it drew crowds all day long at Goodwood. Each day’s proceedings were opened with a parade of the hot rods around the circuit, I can’t think of a better way to start a great day’s enjoyment.

As well as some great rods from the UK there were a contingent of US Hot Rods from the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop in New York. For more information look at their page on Facebook.

There were a lot of great stand out cars but one that stood out for me was the Boston Brawler of Blaise Lewis (pics 19, 22, 24, 177 and 178), rebuilt by the original builders at Valley Gas Speedshop and complete with blown 392 Hemi, unfortunately it was display only as they were waiting on engine parts.

Apart from the Earl's Raceway there was plenty to entertain fans of V8 engines with displays of fifties cars outside the mock casino and loads of V8 powered racecars. In the Stirling Moss trophy was the 1963 AC Cobra Dragonsnake of Mike Whitaker (pic 112), this car at one time belonged to Jim Costilow in Pennsylvania and was raced by Bruce Larson in NHRA competition, becoming the most successful drag racing Cobra of all time - a real joy to see.

Taking part in the Stirling Moss tribute was The HWM Stovebolt Special of Simon Taylor (pics 46, 47, 113 and 114). This was a Formula 2 car when Stirling drove it and after got fitted with a small block Chevrolet in the US. This car is a pure joy and gets used for all types of events by its owner.

Thank you to Simon of Eurodragster.com for asking me to cover the event for them.

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